Orbital Shaker

Verilog Technologies is the leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of laboratory instruments. Being a part of that orbital shaker is a machine which is designed for reliable continuous operation and maintenance free use. TABLE ORBITAL SHAKER is designed to impart uniform, consistent and reliable orbital motion.

Orbital Shaker

Use of precision components and quality engineering results in prolonged operational life. The compact size enables placement in environmental chambers or incubators. Ideal for cell and bacterial culture studies, solubility studies, extraction procedures, genetics research, diagnostic tests, washing procedures, general mixing, staining & de-staining, etc


  • Compact design ensures reduced bench space.
  • DC motor & SCR control ensures constant speed for different loads & settings.
  • SCR control with unique soft start function guarantees gradual start up.
  • Step-less dial for precise speed setting & large LED display for RPM.
  • Built-in electronic timer with continuous shaking option and automatic shutoff with audible signal.
  • 10mm LED display for speed indication.
  • THREE-SPINDLE DRIVE mechanism is supported on sealed & Lubricated bearings.
  • TSD rests on precision-machined cast iron frame.
  • Precision flywheel with counter balance results in vibration-free motion.
  • Non-creeping rubber legs ensure stable positioning.
  • Machine can be operated under changing temperature conditions to be found in environmental cabinets, or co2 incubators.

Applicable Areas of Orbital Shakers

  • General mixing
  • Cell cultures
  • Extraction procedures
  • Staining & de-standing
  • Hybridization
  • Diagnostic test
  • Solubility studies
  • Bacterial suspensions and washing procedures.