Remote Home Controller

Verilog brings you the Remote Home Controller – Everything’s just a click away!!

Remote Home Controller

With Verilog’s Remote home Controller you can now operate your ceiling fan and lights with a remote control. You can control your ceiling fan and Lights just with a remote control. It’s a very stylish and handy remote, which brings style and comfort in your life. Installation is very simple; just call your electrician for a ten-minute job and its ready to use.

Product Features

  • Remote operating distance up to 50 ft / 15 mts.
  • Fan speed can also be controlled using the same Remote.
  • Provision for switching ON/OFF all Lights & Fans instantly.
  • Spark - less switching increases switch’s life.
  • Prevents us from risk of electrical shock and short circuit.
  • No alteration required while installing our unit.
  • Ideal for 4 Lights & 1 Fan
  • Easy Installation, Just call your electrician for a 10-minute job.
  • Works on AA size batteries.

Ideal For

  • All homes particularly at Bedrooms and halls.
  • Children when the switchboard is not reachable.
  • Auditoriums and conference halls.
  • Bedridden patients and aged people.
  • Physically handicapped persons.
  • Hospitals and clinics.
  • Restaurants

Package Includes

  • Control Box
  • Handheld Infrared Remote Control

Technical Specification

  1. Input voltage range 170-230V.
  2. Input current range Max 5A
  3. Current consumption 200mA
  4. Connection details :- 4 tube light and 1 fan