• A concept of taking internal company functions


    When described in simple words outsourcing is simply a formal agreement with a third party to perform a service for an organization. A more comprehensive definition for outsourcing would be that outsourcing is the concept of taking internal company functions and paying an outside firm to handle them. It is basically done for the following major reasons:

    • Financial Savings
    • Technical capabilities
    • Market place agility
  • Reengineer IT architectures


    Outsourcing IT is using outside vendors to create, maintain, or reengineer IT architectures and systems. The process of outsourcing IT involves effective management and operation of information technology assets of corporates from a remote location.

  • Most attractive destination for offshore outsourcing


    Numerous studies have shown that India is the most attractive destination for offshore outsourcing. India ranks highest in the availability of talented, skilled and experienced work force. India also offers the best financial structure as it has a favourable tax and regulatory environment, labour costs and infrastructure costs.

    With the maturing of the outsourcing industry, there is a marked trend of the maturing of small-sized enterprises. Outsourcing opportunities are no longer limited to large service providers, and India is replete with several examples where small, tiny units have bagged outsourcing projects from Western companies. One such ‘Outsourcing Service Provider’ is Verilog Technologies.