Verilog Power Saver

The garment in India is one of the oldest manufacturing sectors in the country and is currently it’s largest. It fulfils a pivotal role in the Indian economy. It is a major foreign exchange earner.

Verilog Power Saver

Cost control prevails in the garment sector and energy consumption remains a major factor affecting the bottom line of the manufacturers. Hence, energy conservation in the garment industry plays significant importance and is a priority area for maximizing profits. Today, modern techniques, electronics and innovation have led to a competitive, low-priced garment industry.

After deep research we at VERILOG decided to implement a unique product for the Garment Industry, which can really reduce the cost of production for the manufacturers.

The above product Verilog’s Power Saver is running successfully in Garment Units across India. This system enables a power saving of 50% in sewing machines.

Benefits of VEPS System

  • Increases Motor Life
  • Auto –Cutoff Machine
  • No Manual Operation needed
  • Increases Machine life
  • Saves 50% of power consumed by Sewing Machines
  • Cost cutting by 50% (Sewing Machine)