Our Team

Simplicity is a virtue. That's how we would like to describe our people and work place. This allows us to be flexible - we are large enough to be resourceful and small enough to meet every requirement. Verilog Technologies is committed to provide a progressive career path. We lay considerable emphasis on continuous learning. We have realized that training and competency building are just the initial steps. What is most important is to be a step ahead of change to meet the demands of an ever-changing business environment. With the right mix of knowledge, experience and flexibility we provide solutions which make a difference to our clients’ business.

Project Team

A typical project team of Verilog consists of a Project Manager, Business Analyst(s), Solutions Architect(s), Tech-leads and several software developers and QA engineers.

Our Team

Our Project Manager (PM) has extensive work experience with expertise in providing effective IT solutions and in managing the entire project. PM also has the responsibility to lead the team. His tasks include preparing the project plans, schedules and following the appropriate project execution methodologies.

Our Solution Architects have over 8 years of experience. They have an intimate knowledge of the various leading technologies in the market and understand the issues in integrating them. They are also experienced in architecting mission- critical Ebusiness and wireless solutions that are highly scalable and continuously available.

Our Technical Leads have over 5 years of experience. They provide technical leadership to the groups of developers and are responsible for diagnosis and solving of day-to-day technical issues.

Our Developers are trained in the practice areas and are responsible for completing the assigned modules as per schedule.

Our QA Engineers are an experienced team of QA professionals with the capacity to handle Quality Assurance activities with wide experience in manual testing as well as various testing tools and bug tracking systems like mercury test suites.

Our System/Network Administrator is a holder of MCSE with expertise in internet/ intranet setups, data security, administration of VLANS, wireless LANs, remote network management, and network intrusion detection technique.

Our team also comprises Information Architects, User Interface Designers on a need basis.