Research And Development

Verilog Technologies provides advice and tools to help you in all stages of application development, including development methods and application testing. These services provide our clients with more personalized offerings that can be tailored to their specific needs. We have developed two innovative products based on our research.

Vehicle Tracking System

‘Vehicle Tracking System’ based on GPS & GIS technologies. The online VTS System for tracking and monitoring of vehicles in real time. The system minimizes human intervention in monitoring the operation of vehicles in actual field conditions. The system provides an important regulatory mechanism for actual field operation as it generates a number of exception reports like Violation of Speed Limit, Skipping of Bus Stops, Deviation of Prescribed Routes & timings, unauthorized stopping, etc. The system uses GPS for enhanced accuracy of vehicle tracking integrated with GIS technology.

Access control system

This Finger print reader or Biometrics reader can be used as a time recorder, attendance recorder and as an access control system. This recorder can be used with turnstiles. It verifies the finger with the ID cards or Personal Identification Number (PIN) given to a particular person.