Software Testing

More and more companies are turning to Verilog for their software testing needs. There are several benefits for the companies in addition to the large cost savings. With a third party handling the testing, the company can ensure the elimination of internal politics. The feedback is effectively impartial. With our Verilog Bug Track Extranet, client service issues are submitted directly to the original development team.

Verilog’s methodology is:

  • The discovery of flaws
  • The checking of design limits
  • The demonstration of system and program behaviour
  • Demonstrating that a system does what is expected
  • Demonstrating that a system does not do what is not expected
  • Demonstrating that the system is ‘fit for purpose’

Exhaustive testing on anything more than the smallest system is impossible. To do exhaustive testing would mean that every path through the software and every ‘enter-able’ data value under all possibilities and conditions would have to be tested. Verilog’s methodology allows for a more benefit based testing approach tailored to the client’s specific requirements.