Application Migration

Microsoft .NET Application Migration Services

The improvement in operational efficiency while catering to the increasing business demands, results in the need for migration of applications or database for any enterprise. Many companies today are concerned about the investments involved while migrating to the newer systems. It is not only essential to maintain the business policies and practices of the existing system but the training of human resources while upgrading to a new system is important as well.

Outsourcing the process of migration from the existing system to a Microsoft .Net Platform or a Microsoft Solution Database helps to leverage the business model & the features of the application which can be done in a cost-effective manner.

Why application upgrade is important?

  • Maintenance problem, complex architecture, difficult to deploy
  • Obsolete Technology, difficult to find resources
  • Scalability problems
  • Business logic mix-up
  • Integration problem with other systems

Why migrate applications to .NET?

  • Distributed systems
  • Web Forms, Web Services and Web Server Controls
  • Ease of development
  • Ease of deployment
  • Web services
  • Richness of the .NET framework
  • Can be easily upgraded and has a good scalability

Our team of Microsoft Certified Programmers has always provided an effective enterprise evolution strategy to our customers in identifying the right roadmap and strategy to migrate from existing systems at low costs and enjoy the benefits of recent platforms like Microsoft’s .NET to maximize productivity.

Our .NET application migration services include,

Assessment services to help you decide to stay, port, build, or buy

Select the target environment and plan your migration

Implementation and support services

Our .NET migration programs include,

  • Migration of applications in the same platform
  • Migration of applications across platforms
  • Migration of databases, data servers

We work on Microsoft .Net ‘Application Migration Solutions’ to help our customers to migrate from the existing application to the latest compatible hardware and software platforms.

The biggest advantage in outsourcing this application and database migration to Verilog is its competitive price offerings through its offshore development center located in Chennai, India