Smart Track

Smart Track Is a Web Based Application, dealing With Voip Services. It Includes Different Structures of Plans (Time Based, Day Based, Value Based and Qty Based) Depending upon the Structure of plan, the Activation and Renewal process varies. This Application is basically a Business Management Software which Includes Purchase Order, Billing. The Software Includes Activation P.O & Invoice and Renewal P.O & Invoice. The Renewal Process Consist of Monthly Renewal Bill for the Customers and Daily P.O for the Suppliers.

All Bills and P.O are in PDF Format, E-mails and Printing Invoice and Purchase Order Option is available with all the Screens, It includes automatic Renewal Remainder Mail. Other Reports are In Excel Format.



  • Customer Master
  • Pin Code Master
  • Plan Master
  • Tax Master

Time Based

  • Customer Order Entry
  • Purchase Order
  • Activation
  • Renewal Invoice
  • Renewal P.O

Valve Based

  • Activation
  • Renewal
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Entry


  • Invoice (PDF format)
  • Purchase Order (PDF format)
  • Summary Invoice\Purchase Order(PDF format)
  • Activation(Excel Format)
  • Renewal(Excel Format)
  • Customer Details(Excel Format)


  • Mail Config
  • Sale Tax Config
  • Purchase Tax Config
  • Financial Year Setting
  • Utility
  • Customer Search
  • User Master

Solution Provided By Verilog:

A Complete Software Solution for Voip Service Business Management. Makes the Business process Simple and more effective, it takes care of even complex and micro level business logic simple for the end user. All Reports(P.o) and Invoice are PDF and Excel(depending on the needs).