PayPack Solution

Verilog’s Pay Pack solution is compatible with our Biometrics Attendance & Payroll system and can also be used as a separate payroll application.

This product has been designed to generate, manage and look after the Employee Details and Payroll process of various organizations. It is capable of marking attendance, calculating various Salary Components, generating Pay-slips (and various other salary reports) according to end User Requirements.

  1. Calculation according to Attendance
  2. Fully Customizable Additions and Deductions in addition to the standard Salary Components, (where standard components include: Basic Pay/Wages, DA, HRA, Conveyance, PF, and ESI)
  3. Management on Daily wage as well as Monthly basis
  4. Multiple Company/Department/Sub-Department/Categories for Grouping
  5. Totally Customizable Addition/Deduction Rules to encompass:
    • Effect of Addition/Deduction
      (One-time/Continuous/Up to Balance)
    • Mathematical Equation of Standard Salary Components.
    • Actual Presence of Employee
    • Dependency upon Basic pay/Gross pay.
    • Half days
    • Weekly Off
    • Paid Holidays
    • Overtime Rate
    • PF & ESI Rate
  6. Comprehensive Reports:
    • Pay slips
    • Monthly Salary Statement
    • PF/FPF Statement
    • Overtime Register
    • Bonus Statement
    • Salary Increment with Retrospective Effect
    • Full and Final Settlement Receipt
    • Incentive Statement
    • Reimbursement Statement
  7. Legal Statements:
    • Form 12-A Statement for PF
    • Form 3(a) Statement for PF
    • Form 6(a) Statement for ESI
    • Form 6(a)(Revised) Statement for PF
    • Form 5 & 10 Statement for PF
    • Form 7 Statement for ESI
    • Form 24 and 16