Verilog mPortal Solution provides an affordable and powerful HRIS. It helps HR professionals to manage all employee related data in one central place through "Employee Portal". Lessens the burden of your HR team by allowing the managers and employees to handle their data. View organization's employee reporting hierarchy and structure.

A typical problem any organization faces is the adaptability of their existing HRIS to the organization growth and their process changes. Verilog mPortal empowers you to face these challenges by being 100% customizable and adaptable.

Verilog’s mPortal has an employee self service section that helps them with the tools to review and change their personal employee information in real time. They can view benefits, paychecks and the company policies, all in a click of the mouse, through our web-enabled, user-friendly software application.

Our HR Software supports small sized businesses; with just a few employees you can save yourself time and money by having an automated system.

In addition, you will have what you need in place as your business starts to grow. With a good HR software program you can increase your staff rapidly and still stay on top of all the essential paperwork that comes along with it.

Key Features

Employee data

Update employee’s details related to work, personal, dependant, emergency contact, work experience & education summary.

Record employee’s leave details, training details, compensation & benefit details.

Record disciplinary actions taken, exit details etc.

Help employees enroll for benefit plans.

Organization hierarchy - View the organization structure based on the reporting hierarchy of employees.

Move an employee or group of employees to different teams with just drag & drop.


Make announcements of important HR information/decision. Greet employees on their birthdays & welcome new members to your team.

Mail alerts

Notify HR team/concerned people on key changes made to HRIS data by employees.

Employee self service

Empower your employees by enabling access for them to their data anytime from anywhere.

My Profile

Just single click to edit personal, work, education etc related data of the employee.

Access HRIS forms

Easy access to all HRIS related forms such as compensation, benefits, leave, training etc.

Access organization resources

One click access to company policies, structure etc. Access to procedures, information on other intranet sites etc.

Applicant tracking system & Recruitment management

Create job openings

Enable Managers to raise/hold/cancel job openings. Allow managers to specify the required skills/competency details.

Post job openings in website

Embed selective Job Openings in website for candidates to apply.

Resume pool

Populate your resume database by adding/importing resumes. Directly add resumes (applied through embedded forms in website) to your resume database.

Search resume pool

Search resume pool & select candidates based on any of their filled details like experience, skillset, name etc.

Schedule interviews & make offers

Schedule multilevel interviews for candidates & allow interviewers to select a candidate with a single click. Enable your recruitment team to send offers & track them, with no paperwork.


  • Payroll Processing.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Employee Self Service.
  • Automating HR Functions.
  • Knowledge Centre.
  • The Verilog HR Software is smooth, simple and secure.

Investing in such a program is very cost effective as it will save you time, save you money, and help to ensure accuracy. All of those things are going to keep your employees content and help you to make as much money as possible with your business.