Vehicle Tracking Systems are a marvelous example of the capability of modern technologies. Vehicle Tracking systems that are now controlled by satellites have increased the productivity, efficiency, security and safety of our vehicles. Vehicle Tracking Systems primarily consist of an electronic device that is installed into a designated vehicle. The device then enables the vehicle’s location and position to be monitored. Most advanced vehicle tracking systems make use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to do this. GPS works with the help of satellites and the information can then be accessed and displayed over the Internet. When vehicle-tracking information is viewed online, it appears in the form of electronic maps that are displayed via the Internet or by specialized software.

All advanced vehicle tracking systems can be accessed either by the driver of the vehicle who can connect to the onboard computer or by staff at the company headquarters. It is the Vehicle tracking software that allows different management related functions to be accomplished. For example, the most advanced tracking software includes in its features functions like journey profiling, driver profiling, dispatch details, and vehicle efficiency information such as fuel consumption and driver misuse (harsh braking etc).

Smart Vehicle tracking software is revolutionary in its field and has guaranteed benefits, which include easy installation, and simple usability functions that can be utilized used by both big and small companies alike. Smart Vehicle Tracking software is easily upgradeable with back office data feeds to link location and information and is loaded with all the features needed to gather useful data for all aspects of fleet management including unlimited user access to web browser mapping via any Internet connection.