eDOC -Verilog Document Circulator


The purpose of this system is to store documents in electronic format in a single repository and automate the processes of their execution and consideration. In these processes documents pass through determined routes. They pass on from one person to another. At each point of such a route a person makes a decision or executes the document.


In the system documents are stored within a hierarchical structure of folders as document cards. Each document card contains the following data:

  1. General information about the document such as its number; document type; the date of registration; institutions relevant to the document; the current route point number; the document state; the list of people that have considered the document and so on.
  2. The original document in electronic format. It can be a scan copy or a file. Other relevant electronic documents can be also attached to the document card.
  3. The history of execution and consideration of the document with user comments.

An important property of the document card is Document Type. During a registration of a document you can select one of the document types from the Document Type directory. This determines the route the document will pass through.

A document can be in the following four states:

Not saved or Draft - the document is being edited and consideration process has not started.

Under consideration - the document is being considered or executed and it is at a point of the route. It has not passed through all the route points.

Finalized - the document has passed through the whole route and it does not need further consideration or execution.

Document Type Directory

A document type contains the following information:

The name of the document type Prefix. It will be assigned to each document of this document type during the numeration of document cards.

Next document card number. It will be assigned to the next registered document card during the numeration.

The route that each document card will pass through.


The user can assign a group of people as his deputies. After this they will receive notification each time the user needs to take an action. They also have permission to make a decision on behalf of the user.


A document type can be defined to have multiple route points. At each route point there is one or more users assigned. When a document card is at a route point, the considering user can make the following decisions:

  1. Return the document to the previous route point or change its state to Draft.
  2. Postpone the decision. The user can leave comments and others can see them.
  3. Pass the document. If there are no considering users at the current route point, the document will pass on to the next route point.

Note that the registering user is not at the first route point. All the users who have the permission can register a document card. The document card starts passing through its route after its state was changed to Under Consideration and finishes when the document state is changed to the Finalized state.


If email notifications are enabled, each time the relevant users need to take an action or to be informed about actions taken by others, notifications are sent to them. A notification contains brief description of the underlying event or the action required from the user and reference to the relevant document card. The user can open the document card straight from the notification. To enable users to receive notifications their email addresses must be set in User Directory.