Biometric Access Control

Secure Biometric Access Control Systems

The demand for biometric locks continues to grow as prices come down and companies find new uses for keyless access, but security is the number-one concern. Almost half of all company data breaches are not the result of a hacker but of a lost or stolen laptop, memory device, PDA, memory stick, CD or DVD. More than 60 percent of those incidents are caused by an "insider threat" - an employee.

"Even an executive working on confidential information is not apt to pick up keys and lock the door to go down the hall" for a few minutes, "It takes seconds for someone to go in the door, grab a PDA and walk out with it." Even if the intruder has a registered fingerprint.

Human Recognition Systems has developed a number of robust and high end secure biometric access control systems that eradicate buddy punching and tailgating and can be used to generate accurate time and attendance reports. The biometric access control solutions have been designed for any environment and are available in two different formats; MSite and MSecure.

The MSite solution has been developed as a biometric access control solution for use on large construction sites where security and the need to know who is on site at any one time is paramount. The MSite solution can use a number of biometrics depending on client requirements, these include: hand recognition, iris recognition and fingerprint recognition, which are integrated into a modified cabin with turnstiles access. These biometric access control solutions are ideal for high security outdoor areas.

MSecure is a biometric access control system that again uses a number of biometrics; hand recognition, iris recognition and facial recognition depending on client needs; integrated into a portal fitted with a volumetric anti-tailgating device.